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DIY Sock Stick Horse

Quick tutorial for a DIY no-sew sock stick horse.  So easy to make and hours of fun!  You probably already have most of the items around the house to make this.

Quick tutorial for a DIY no-sew sock stick horse.  An easy project that only takes a few minutes time and some inexpensive materials to complete.

My daughter went to Girl Scout camp over the summer and one of the themes was ‘Wild, Wild West’.  She came home with the most adorable Sock Stick Horse and I knew I had to share it here.  (Read: I knew I better make one ASAP for little sister if I wanted to keep the peace.)  Sometimes the most simple ideas turn out to be the cutest!  I especially love this because it’s no sew.

What you need for your sock stick horse:

  • Adult sock- any color or size, but choose a “tall” sock, not an ankle length
  • Empty wrapping paper roll
  • Yarn- about 15 pieces 2 ft long each
  • Stuffing or batting
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Hot glue gun

stick horse made from a sock

Stuff the “nose” of the sock with batting.  Insert the “stick” into the bottom of the sock.  Fold the bottom of the sock inside itself and seal around the stick with glue.  Use hot glue to adhere the eyes and “hair”.

You could also use buttons as eyes and markers to create a mouth.  If you really want to get crafty you could make ears out of felt, or create a bridle with ribbon.  I love that this stick horse is fairly soft, juuuust in case someone accidentally gets whacked upside the head.

The girls have had hours of fun having sock stick horse races and playing cowgirls.  It makes me laugh every time I see them trot by.

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Friday 8th of August 2014

This is so adorable! My sister and I had a stick horse when we were kids, but we had to share;) What a fun idea!

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