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Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Half Moon Cay

Today I promised you no history lesson… Which is really easy because I know nothing about Half Moon Cay- other than it’s a private island owned by a cruise company. Most (if not all?) the people who live there work (seasonally) for the cruise excursions.

Half Moon Cay 2

For this stop we chose a horseback ride on the beach; this excursion was my “string quartet” of the honeymoon. Because, really, what is a honeymoon to the islands without a horseback ride on a beach??

Half Moon Cay 3

Funny story #1: Now just as we mentioned how you see the same people over and over on the ship, the same is inevitably true for the excursions. This one particular lady had been with us the day before… and let me tell you, she was an “expert” at everything. She was an expert at power snorkeling, because she had seen a show on the Discovery Channel. (Listen lady, I watch a bleep ton of Grey’s Anatomy but I don’t think you want me in your operating room…) Turns out she was also an expert equestrian! Apparently her uncle’s- coworker’s- hairdresser’s- nephew owned horses… or something ridiculously relevant like that. So of course, she made sure everyone knew what an expert she was.

I am NO expert…. but I have had horses since I was 5 years old, was the ‘Queen’ of my high school rodeo team, and my mom taught lessons professionally for several years. So when they guide asked me if I had ever been on a horse before, I simply replied “Yes”… he said “Ok, princess that makes you an expert”… as he slapped my horse on the hiney to lead the pack.

Funny story #2: What is the first thing horses do when they get in the ocean? Poop. Every-single-one on our tour went to the bathroom the second their hooves hit the water. Did I mention we were all still in a line following one another, thigh deep in the ocean? (Let me just tell you how glad I was to be the “expert” at the front now…)

Funny Story #3: Our resident expert-at-everything lady was also very taken with how blue the water was. She kept repeating it, until finally she decided she had to go swim in it. Now, this was after our ride. After our “swim” with the horses. After they had all just used the ocean as their personal toilet. And this woman is out there swimming in it (alone) and yelling back at the group how she can’t believe ‘we aren’t out there enjoying it while we can’. Um, no thanks lady. I think I’ll wait until we go back to the other side of the island where the horses didn’t JUST poo. You know, where there’s just regular ol’ fish poo.

Half Moon Cay 4

Apparently the island is also known as ‘Little San Salvador Island’

Half Moon Cay 5

Clearest water I had ever seen… minus the horse poo 🙂

Half Moon Cay 6

“Captain on the Rocks”… a bar on the island

Half Moon Cay 7

I might love clouds as much as I love towel animals

Half Moon Cay 8

James and I did enjoy laughing while being an expert at everything for the rest of the cruise. ‘Do you want to go eat?’ ‘Oh, I’m an expert at eating.’ ‘Do you want to take a nap?’ ‘Oh, I’m an expert at taking naps’… actually this one might be true.

Tomorrow is our next stop: Nassau, Bahamas… where we got to pet flamingos and feed parrots!

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