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Super Hero Mask: Free Printable

super hero mask printable

Last week was Sophia’s last day of pre-school.  To say she had an amazing year would be an understatement.  Her teachers were everything I had hoped for and she came home with more fun projects than I have room to keep.  She glued and glittered her little heart out.  

Each month they would have a theme day where all the kids could dress in the “color of the month” they were learning about at the time, or days with silly socks or pajamas.  Just so happened that the last day of school was a SUPER HERO day.  If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that Sophia is very in to all things super hero these days- hats, shirts, pajamas, toys, you name it.


She came home with a beautifully decorated cape (a piece of long construction paper with ribbon stapled at the top) but of course we also needed masks!

Download the Super Hero Mask free printable.

Cut these out, attach to a large Popsicle stick or punch a hole in each corner and secure with ribbons to tie.  Let your kiddos decorate them while you’re getting lunch ready.  We decided to eat outside with our sidekick, Emme.

super hero emme

I am expecting the transition of ‘no more school’ to be slightly difficult for her, so it was fun to take a little time to make our lunch extra special.  I hope this summer is full of fun and adventure, and not just spend counting the days until September (that goes for both of us)!

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