This one time, when we almost bought a house

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…also known as why you should never do business with Beazer Homes.

I’m taking a break from sugar and chocolate today to tell you about a recent experience we had with Beazer Homes.  I’d love for you to read it so that if you ever find yourself in the situation of building a home maybe you will have discovered new questions to ask or things to look out for (or you will take my advice and search for another builder).  So indulge my rant, and I promise it’s back to cookies tomorrow.  I am also going to apologize now for the length!

When my husband and I began our search last Fall to purchase our first home together, we decided to look into new construction.  We liked the idea of everything being brand new and getting to design from the ground up.  Most houses around our immediate area are older, pre-existing homes, so this required us to expand our search location.  After a quick search on the internet, we found an area not too far and in an excellent school district.

Beazer Homes had several lots still available in the community, and had a lot of options to customize.  The model home was actually the floor plan we liked, but we need four bedrooms.  The sales representative quickly gave us the pitch that we could customize the floor plan however we wanted.  We verbally built and priced out a home with four bedrooms, a study (for my office), an upstairs loft (for the girls playroom), and a sitting room in the master bedroom.  He told us that this could definitely be done, and it was in our budget.  He then proceeded to tell us of a special promotion they were running through the end of the month that was a “$10,000 upgrade package: granite countertops, recessed can lighting in the kitchen, separate tub/shower in the master bath, stainless steel, and tile in all the wet areas.”

It was then when the sales rep. went to write up the contract that he discovered that we would not be able to do the study, instead it would have to be a formal dining.  Basically the only difference here would be the french doors closing off the room.  While this was definitely disappointing, it wasn’t a deal breaker, and we decided to proceed.  He also informed us that he had to get “special permission” to build the upstairs loft and 4th bedroom option, as starting in November it would be an either or option only.  Okay, that’s great… but this is still October.

We asked about a corner lot, perhaps somewhere with a decent backyard.  The sales rep informed us that “Lot 27 is the BEST lot left in the community” because it only has one neighbor to the right, there is a private owner behind (so just field space), and to the left is half a lot- not enough to ever build a house on- that will just be a maintained green space, and when they open the 2nd phase of the development those houses back fence will face the side of our house.  Sounds great right?  Who wouldn’t love to essentially only have one neighbor?  So we wrote the check for the deposit and sign on the dotted line.

Never do business with Beazer Homes

We go through the design center process and pick out all of our options for carpet, tile, paint, etc.  Which by the way, your options are beige, light beige, dark beige, and medium beige.  This in itself was a huge ordeal!  Apparently our sales rep did not apply the credits correctly, and it made everything more difficult.  Not only that but it was NOT a “$10,000 upgrade”… less than half that actually.  The basic “builder grade” of everything was terrible.  Maroon or green granite? You’ve got to be kidding me.  Paper thin carpet?  Acrylic knobs for all the faucets?  (Note: I’m not judging anyone who has these options in their home, we’ve all had them, my point is it is not something I would expect from a brand new house built in 2013 for the amount of money we were paying)  The point here is that everything “nice” was an upgrade!!

Never do business with Beazer Homes

We later learned that the majority of the design “upgrades” we were required to pay more for come standard with other builders in the area.

So now we have decided on the location, floor plan, and design options of the house.  We are waiting on zoning permits, and then they are ready to break ground with an estimated completion date of mid-March.  We eagerly drive by the lot to check the weekly progress of our new home, and this is when we discover a heartbreaking problem.

Never do business with Beazer Homes

That? That drainage ditch that is going to be a drainage creek? THAT is the “maintained green space”.  That is the half a lot beside our house.  We had no idea about this, and only happened upon it when we drove by one day to see the progress on our house.  Our house that at this point now has pipes put in and is ready for concrete to be poured.

Never do business with Beazer Homes

We called our builder, who advised us to talk with the developer to see what was going on with the drainage issue.  We called the developer who quickly sent us over the drawings for the plans, he advised us that it was originally going to be a simple drainage grate (like what you might see in a parking lot) but that the engineer required them to change it to be a concrete creek.  A concrete slope that STARTED at our fence line and took up the entire “half lot” beside our house.

So of course I call my real estate agent and inform her what we just found out, and she calls the Beazer Homes sales representative.  And he denied knowing anything about it.

After talking us out of another lot, and selling us on the fact that this was the “prime” lot available… he now claims to know nothing about it?  In fact, he claimed that his superiors at Beazer had no idea, and that because the city owned that land, they could do whatever they wanted with it, so their hands were tied.  Did I mention the fact that the drawings that the developer sent me have signatures from AUGUST!  Months before we even signed our contract.  After pointing this out, Beazer suddenly began to sing a different tune.

They vowed to “make it right” and spent the next week trying to figure out where the communication break down happened.  In the meantime, our house was still being built, and we were receiving NO updates.  Do we have a house, do we need to start our search again, can we get our deposit back?  I explained to them that this was completely unacceptable and that I cannot live next to a drainage creek that starts at my fence line when I have two small babies!  They could either move us lots and build our exact house for the same price, or they could give us our deposit back.

Never do business with Beazer Homes

After two weeks, our sales rep finally informed us that they would not be able to move us to a new lot and build the same house because they no longer offer that floor plan and the base price in the community has gone up $15,000.  They did not make good on their promise to make things right.  This was just another lie added to the countless more we were told by the company throughout this whole process.

So we have received our deposit back and since put a contract on another home.  I am going to credit this whole terrible experience to “everything happens for a reason” and that wasn’t meant to be our house.  If this is how Beazer Homes does business then I am so happy they did not get our money, and that we will not be living in a house they built.  From what I have seen on their social media networks, it looks like many unhappy customers with long-term issues with the company after moving into one of their houses.

And to the person who ends up purchasing “our” home on Fern Valley Drive… I hope you enjoy the home we designed, but I think you should know that Beazer Homes went on to list the house for $15,000 MORE than what we were going to pay.

Shame on you Beazer Homes.

 *UPDATED: 2/17/14- Looks like I’m not the only one Beazer Homes has lied to.  This is an investigation report from NBC DFW regarding a community minutes from the one we were building in.  Read the report here: Amenity Center Uncertainty Angers Homeowners


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    • jas wilks says

      all home buildes have complaints, so does merritage, ryland, highland, kb, david weekly, etc…
      just use what works best for your situation.

    • Noname says

      Just visited there model homes, price mark up on the homes are 320% this place may look nice but it’s the biggest ripoff in the country on where ever they do business. I advice anyone to see the actual cost of building 50000 for average 4 bed 2 bath and consumer pays 220,000 with the added interest might as well sell your soul to beazer…lol it’s the devil run from it and just rent apt it’s much cheaper

    • says

      I completely agree– and we did. We decided to go with Beazer (who is a National Top 10 Builder), over the other builder in the community based on our research. However, I do not feel it was my obligation to research if they were putting in a drainage creek right next to my house. Nor does any amount of research on my part excuse the fact that Beazer Homes lied to us repeatedly.

  1. Troy Radelat says

    Ms. Bruno, my name is Troy Radelat and I am the Division President for Beazer Homes in Dallas. I was alerted to your blog posting today. I was aware of the decisions made on your home at the time we found out about the drainage concerns on the adjacent common area. I just want to tell you that I am very sorry that you had an unpleasant experience with Beazer Homes. While there were some items on your home site that were out of Beazer’s control, I am not here to defend or argue any of your points. I simply wanted to state that I am truly sorry that we could not build your dream home for you and your family. I am happy that you found another home that meets your family’s needs and I wish you all the best in the future.

    • Bo says

      Troy, it’s good to learn that Beazer settled the issue out of good business faith.
      I need your help to resolve an issue with our house, which was custom-built prior to Beazer moved into the development. Land structuring begun a few months back at which time Beazer parked one semi-truck trailer and one large cement or water trailer right behind our house and it was stationed there for months. During all this time, there were heavy earthmovers digging and driving behind our house, which shook and glass rattled like earthquakes every time there was movement behind our house. I communicated this issue with your staff but was told this was normal and won’t be a problem. However, we started noticing small stress cracks on our dry walls and we had to patch them up because we had a baby shower to host. But now the cracks have all come back again. We are even seeing cracks on our stuccos as well. We need your help to assess and resolve this issue. Thank you for your help in advance!

    • david says

      good to see – that Beazer can admit to a fault & apologize. Heck thats more than I can say about many companies (not including our govt)

      We are considering a Beazer homes, and I find this vary concerning – but only offset – by “an apology” – so still on the fence

    • Maria Hafner says

      Good morning, Mr. Radelat!

      I am currently searching for your contact information and came across your response on this blog. My husband and I are having a great deal of difficulty with the building of our new home and need to speak with you, or get an email address for you, as quickly as possible so that we can resolve the problems that we are having in the purchase of our Beazer home in Frisco Hills.

      In summary, we had our design center appointment last Friday. We chose the Beazer model over another builder’s model across the street in the same community. One of the sales points that sold me was that I would be able to choose the vented hood that matched the cabinets in the kitchen, which the model across the street had, and which was an option that was a must-have for me in my new dream home. This option IS displayed at the design center, but at our appointment we were told that it was not an option for our community. This is in direct conflict with what we were told during the sales process and before we wrote our deposit check and it was cashed. I spent the weekend mourning the loss of my dream kitchen. I had my heart set on cream cabinets (even though they are displayed on both sides of the design center, we are being told that they are being discontinued and we cannot get the cream cabinets) and the range hood that matches the cabinets (which is available to other Beazer customers, but not to us). Not completely a deal breaker for my husband, so we wrote the $24,000 down payment check for our upgrades.

      Over the weekend, my husband visited our sales agent at the model home to tell her about the options we were told we could have that we are now being told by the design center that we cannot have. She pulled up our pricing addendum. Thus began a conversation about the possibility of our home not being appraised at the sales price because we upgraded the home to the level of the model home. (We are actually about $2000 less than the model that sold us on Beazer.) Betsy, our sales agent, said that the highest appraisal in our immediate Beazer neighborhood has been $34,000 less than our home. IF our home does not appraise for the sales price on our pricing addendum, we stand to lose our $26,000 deposit ($2000 initial deposit + $24,000 at the design center) if we cannot come up with the difference in cash between the sales price and the appraisal. Neither of these is an option for us. Our real estate agent pulled up the comps. The biggest issue is that the base price of the model has risen by a significant amount over a very short period of time, so in the time that the base price of the model has increased, no one has built and had a home appraised for the amount that we are spending, and the model home has not been appraised, so it cannot be used as a comp. My husband was told to go home and try to cut $20,000 in options to reduce the sales price of the home. Since then, my husband has spent two solid days on the phone with our Beazer sales agent, the design center consultant, our real estate agent, and our mortgage company (a Beazer preferred lender).

      We spent a long time last night trying to cut the options that make us love this home. At the end of the night, we were able to live with cutting $4,005 in options. Cutting any more than that creates a home that is not a home we would wish to purchase. My husband and I WANT to spend the money that it costs to create our dream home – one that is comparable to the model home that sold us on Beazer Homes. Unfortunately, we are being told that we either have to cut the options that make us love the home, or risk losing our $26,000 deposit if the home does not appraise for the price that Beazer is offering it to us for.

      We would greatly appreciate your help resolving these issues! I have stopped payment on the $24,000 check that we wrote at the design center on Friday until this can be resolved, since we cannot afford to lose that amount of money, and we do not want to purchase the home without the upgrades that made us fall in love with it. What we really want to happen is to be allowed to choose the option of the hood range that matches the cabinets (such as the one in the design center and that we were promised at the time of our initial deposit would be an option), and Beazer helps us resolve the risk of losing our $26,000 deposit for building the home that is comparable to the model.

      I will continue to search for your contact information, but if I am unsuccessful, I hope that this message will reach you. Thank you for your assistance!

      Maria Hafner

      • Maria Hafner says

        An update for anyone who read my previous post:

        As you can see from message/post, I thought my reply would go to Mr. Radelat and didn’t realize that it would post on Ms. Bruno’s blog. Oops! So now I feel the need to update anyone who reads my post! I was finally able to find Mr. Radelat’s email address at Beazer and sent him a message directly. I did so shortly after 4:00 pm. Mr. Radelat personally called me a few minutes after 5:00 pm to let me know that he had received my email and that he would contact the Beazer team first thing in the morning and would get back to us some time tomorrow.

        I don’t know if our problems will be resolved, but I do have to say that I was very impressed with the speedy and personal response that our email received, and we are very hopeful that a solution will be found. Don’t rule out Beazer just yet!

  2. says

    I’m just so glad you were able to get your money back! It’s obvious you had cause or the company wouldn’t have been willing to give it. Sadly, many sales people will do/say whatever it takes to get a deal done. Based on the drawings, someone was in the know about that drainage ditch.

    I wish you luck in finding your home. Everything does happen for a reason and I’m sure the house yu do finally end up with will be worth the wait.
    Joan@Chocolateandmore recently posted…Thursday’s TreasuresMy Profile

  3. Michael says

    Emily I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Beazer. My wife and I are currently building our second Beazer home. So far for us it has been a good experience. My wife works in the mortgage business so she knows a lot about this kind of stuff. We are satisfied with our upgrades that we picked at the design center. Our builder has been In contact with us on a regular basis. He was not even offended when we told him we wanted to bring in a third party inspector. He went over all the specs of the home during our pre build meeting and even confirmed our selections. We currently live in Paloma Creek up in here in Little Elm just north of Frisco. Our new home will be also in Little Elm off of 423 in a Community called Lakeshore at Sunset Pointe. Curious to know what community you were going to build in. I would like to think that not everyone at Beazer is bad. Maybe you just happened along one of the bad ones. Anyway glad you got your deposit back and you guys found a new home. Hope you and your family are happy.


    P.S. Thank your husband for me for his service as a fire fighter. Truly a great hero in my book.

    • AL says

      Hey Michael,

      Saw your comment, I am thinking of buying something in the area you live in now and I’m stuck between with a Beazer or Holiday builder. Just wondering how is your house doing and if you regret moving in that town and choosing a Beazer home?

  4. Russ Lay says

    Sorry for what seems to be normal treatment from these jerks. We built our home in 2001. The house was unwrapped, and most Beezer homes in Lexington developed mold problems. The construction process was a nightmare. Now, the roof has gone….no felt and no Ice barriers in the joints.

    Attempts to repair the problems…too numerous to mention…resulted in shoddy repair and creation of double the problems (a punched A/C line, leaks, a cracked foundation due to the omission of moisture barriers, etc).

    Worst business deal and worst company I have ever encountered.

    Good luck!

    What a mess! Beezer finally tucked it’s tail and ran out of town, leaving a subdivision 1/4 done.

  5. Paula says

    Can you please tell me in what city/state were you planning on building this Beazer home. Living in Nashville,Tn and thinking of using Beazer until I saw your post.

    • says

      Hi Paula, we are in the DFW, TX area. I would definitely recommend checking out some other builders, and if you do end up going with Beazer I would take an agent with you to all meetings/ get EVERYTHING in writing. Good luck! :)

      • Stephanie Duong says

        I leave in Pearland, city near to Houston, TX. My husband and I live in 1800 sq ft house (David Weekly is builder) and we are happy with it. We recently decided to built a bigger house. We went to several Beazer model houses. I told to my husband that I don’t want Beazer as a builder because the ceiling is short (9-10 feet) and I will not pay 300K for something like this. Compare to Perry Home, the ceiling is 12-13 feet

  6. N Weymer says

    I am sorry you had a bad experience with Beazer–we purchased a Chardonnay Model in Orlando, Fl several years ago (since sold it) and we loved it. The experience with Beazer was very good for us, and after building with two more builders since then, I appreciate Beazer compared to these other builders.

  7. Osvaldo Flores says

    I looked through some of these comments before we decided to go with a beazer home. We just had our $10,000 earnest money taken from us. All the signs were there. Guess we just fell in love with the home. Everyone made promises and said “don’t worry” many times. Well, it’s time to worry and everyone turned into a prick.

  8. Ruby says

    I’m curious to know which builder you ended up going with. I’m in Houston, TX and we plan on rebuilding a new home on our lot next year and I am clueless as to which company to choose and the whole process and have a lot of self educating to do. I’d like to get many first hand individual experiences with different builders. Thank you.

  9. says

    Emily – Sorry you had such a bad experience! That sounded miserable! We bought a Beazer home in Atlanta last Fall and absolutely love it and had a top notch experience with our builder and the company in general. They continued to go above and beyond and go the extra mile when it came to our warranty work. We had a very tricky lot that was almost a deal-breaker for us initially, but they handled all the challenges it presented very professionally. We cannot believe that the land we first saw could turn into such an amazing and beautiful dream home. Here in Atlanta, we have been very impressed with the local Beazer office. We were surprised how much personal attention we were given whenever we felt it was needed, especially given the large number of homes they build in our area! I guess it goes to show that with a national company as large as Beazer, it unfortunately depends on who you get to deal with and how that local office operates. My advice to anyone considering a Beazer home (or one from any other builder for that matter) that might read this post is just to make sure to talk to those in your particular area that have used the builder. They provided us with several names of people we could talk to that had already built in our neighborhood, and it made all the difference, as they were able to share any lessons learned as well that helped us make better decisions in the process. I am glad you did end up in a home you love….Lennar is a great builder as well, and they were coincidentally our second choice here if it had not worked out with Beazer. Good luck to anyone else looking to build a home…it can be a very positive experience and worth it in the end!

    • Eli says

      Hey Rob, just wanted to see how your construction went , or is going.? I just signed a contract with Beazer two months ago in Sienna Vista Community. At first it was all rainbows and flowers, but since they started building it has been nothing but cloudy skies, and nightmares. I am no expert in construction since I am a meat cutter for a local grocer in phoenix “Food City”. But even a meat cutter can see when a drain is in the middle of the floor and not in the wall like its supposed to be, not only that but placement of a/c unit , cracked concrete, missing gas lines for built in kitchen double ovens. Just to name a few of the mix ups. The most annoying thing is that when I brought it to the the construction foreman or whatever his title is he explained to me that it was a big process building a home and that it included alot of people and that people make mistakes. I did change my mind on a couple of options which cost me $150 dollars so that they could change the paperwork and was on time to design center and pre slab pouring meeting and still have had nothing but screw ups.Then when i told the sales lady she continued to make excuses for the shitty work and again reminded me that i had changed my mind. The funny thing is I seem to be getting the same answer that everyone in this blog with a complaint got, “Dont worry well fix it and make it right” they already have to break my slab and repour because of the wrong drain and just tonight went and saw there is a big chunk of cement missing on the other side of the house but yet it is all papered up ready for them to start hanging the styrofoam to get ready to stucco.? like i said Im no construction expert but doesn’t make sense to continue building a home when the foundation is wrong????? it would be like me trying to cut a steak with a plastic knife can it be done sure…. but why make it harder than it should be. I am about ready to tell them to keep that property and make it a spec and start all over with my home…….. if not they can keep my down payment and chalk it up to another life lesson

  10. Brook Warren says

    Signed contract for a new build in Prosper with Beazer in August. Closing in a month. I’m on the fence after the experience I have had. May just tell them to keep my 2K deposit & go build somewhere else. On my 3rd builder and original salesperson that “promised” certain things regarding lot configuration left before our pre-build. So his promise was not in the contract and Beazer says “If it’s not in your contract we won’t do it”. You know….. I could put my whole life in a contract, but I like to take a persons word as his bond. Troy Radelat …… bet you never heard of me, although several “middle people” have heard my complaints and they follow your example with “I’m sorry”. My wife still wants the house……. I’m on the fence.

  11. Rob says

    What everyone needs to understand is that, Beazer is just the “Builder” per say. They hire the general contractor in each area, who hires the sub contractors such as the foundation contractors, framing contractors, electrical and plumbing contractors, insulation contractors, drywall contractors, finish contractors, flooring contractors, etc.. and if one of these contractors cuts corners while the general contractor is at another job site, or the general contractor is a moron, then that’s when you run into problems. As long as each contractor passes the inspections, then no one is the wiser about the cut corners. If the inspector is a moron, then none of the cut corners are caught or fixed. ..

    I’m having a house built by Beazer in the silva mountain subdivision in Phoenix,AZ , and you can better believe I will be driving by and walking through the construction site on a weekly basis, as will be my dad, who is retired, but has been in the construction and remodeling business most of his life, and from whom I’ve worked with and learned all about construction, and building codes, growing up. They won’t be able to do “shoddy” work and get away with it.

    The whole design center/options thing is another story. The “standard” grade tile, carpet and padding, and fixtures, are a joke, and are ho horrendous for a $242,000 base price house before any options. I would never think they would want to put apartment grade stuff into a quarter million dollar house. The upgrade options aren’t much better except for the fact the tile is 18×18 instead of 12×12, and the carpet is slightly thicker, but not worth the $16 per sq. ft. and $23 per sq. yd. more respectfully. So, we are opting for the “standard” flooring and fixtures anyway, but are going to tear out all the tile and carpet before move in, and have what we REALLY want put in, and at a cost that’s much, much less than their upgrade costs.

  12. D'Nell Jackson says

    I purchased a home with Beazer May 2013 BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life this home was not built with quality in mine just money! I been in my home less than a year and my roof had a leak my up stairs floors creek like this home has been up for 10years electrical issue upstairs and downstairs leaks in my upstairs masters bedroom windowsill and the customer service when you call to tell them that the home is malfunctioning OMG is the worse I wouldn’t wish this on anyone then they over charge for the appliances I really think they placed used ones in my home bc there was something burnt in the bottom of my oven not to mention the fact that I was told blinds came standard with my home the lady event showed me the type of blinds I would receive but when I moved in NONE and I live on a corn lot so everyone could see right through all my many many many widows!!! This builder is the absolute worse avoid them like plague!!! I wouldn’t recommend this builder to my worse enemy if I had one!!!

  13. Cat says

    I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience. Unfortunately, many of your problems can be found when buying any home, not only new construction. So, make sure your readers understand that they should NEVER take someone’s word for it (i.e. “the greenway” and “best lot”). If it’s not your land, then anything can happen to it from putting in a drainage ditch, to a walking trail or even a street right by your house. It’s wise to look at the land surrounding the house and determining for yourselves what is going on with the surrounding properties. I would recommend going to the city/county and finding out their plans for expansion and roads, also.

    The take away from your horrible experience (and again, I’m so sorry!), is Buyer Beware (Caveat Emptor). Always do your research! The builder or builder’s sales rep may not even know, so it’s up to you to find out.

    Also, builders make money when they save money, so having limited options and lower grade materials are part of the game. Unless you custom build (hire your own architect and builder and buy all your own interior materials), you’re going to get the bottom of the list. So, plan that in your new home purchase price. Get into the house, and then upgrade over the next few years.

    That said, it looks like you were really lied to, also by the builder. That’s totally unacceptable! Thank goodness you had those things in writing and could get your deposit back. That’s the KEY: get it in writing!! Good advice for any transaction!

    Thanks for the warning about Beazer. I’m going to be checking them thoroughly before proceeding!


  14. Christina says

    I can understand your frustration about the upgrades ordeal. But in regards to the site location, it would have been wise to drive by and look at it before you decided upon that lot. That’s what I plan on doing.

    • says

      We drove by on our own, with the realtor, and with the Beazer representative before signing anything. I would absolutely recommend driving by the site location before deciding on one, as well as frequently during the building process. As stated above, that is the only way we discovered the issues.

  15. Patricia Rome says

    Not only bad builders, but also liars. Came into settle community stating no disruption to our area, but our streets are tore up, no traffic thru our community but TWO of their streets dump directly on ours. They are building over creeks and drainage. Flagman they hire have almost gotten me hit twice, they twirl their sign at will. I pray they take a bath on this project.

  16. Avalonis says

    Thanks so much for your blog. It totally helped us from going into the contract with Beazer. We are so close to sign the contract with Beazer for Stoney Creek Community in Sunnyvale TX. I am already settled with my bank and ready to go. I thought I did some research online about the developer and I found your blog. The way you described the issue with your property, I am almost certain that you had your property here as well. We probably looking for other deal at this point. Thanks again for saving us potential big headache.

  17. Mrs. Mininni says

    We are currently building at The Villages at Lakeview and our Beazer experience started out wonderful but things are starting to make me nervous as we are closing in our close date and there are still a number of things that need to be done that were promised and have not been done yet. We recieved an emial Friday stating the drive way was poured only to drive out there and see that it was not. There are cigarette butts on the floor in our home that already has walls up and the contractors are constantly peeing in the master bathroom even though there is a portable potty on the lawn. Our neighbors have a home with no dishwasher and an oven that was installed wrong along with sinkholes on their property. All this plus we have a non responsive construction manager makes me really nervous. We have already started looking for comps in the area in the event we have to buy something else.

  18. Elizabeth says

    We have had numerous warranty defects, structural defects and life safety defects that were reported to Beazer during the warranty period. Beazer has FAILED TO REPAIR THEM AFTER ALMOST 2 YEARS. Many of my neighbors have defects too.
    Now, we have turned to the Maryland Department of Consumer Protection and the media for help. Get your neighbors together and contact your county consumer protection office, state and county representatives, the TV and and the newspaper! Schedule a meeting in your community clubhouse and have copies of consumer protection claim forms to distribute. It is helping us get the word out.


    (This information is for Maryland homeowners but you can use your State consumer Protection and delegates for help)

    Even if you think your warranty is up, you may still have rights.

    The Montgomery County MD office of Consumer Protection is offering a FREE Buyer complaint process to affected Beazer Homeowner’s and is encouraging you to file your complaint NOW! SEVERAL HOMEOWNER’S HAVE ALREADY FILED. Get your complaint form located online here.

    Montgomery County Maryland Department of Consumer Protection
    100 Maryland Avenue
    Suite 330
    Rockville, MD 20850


    Email to: consumerprotection@montgomerycountymd,gov


    ALSO: Montgomery County Council President, Craig Rice’s Office wants to hear about your Beazer complaints. They are helping owners now. Please contact:

    Sharon Pierre,

    Legislative Assistant to Craig Rice


    The GAZETTE also wants to hear about BEAZER homeowner problems. Call:

    Virginia Terhune



  19. Houston CLW says

    What everyone needs to know about this headache experience is it’s very rare. There are many divisional offices around the United States you speak of who receive very high reviews in most cases. Do not insult the company as a whole, but for the builder who didn’t do his job like you planned. The lack of communication between salesman to builder has much to do with problems arising. I feel this rant to be very disrespectful being the first picture you see on google when you search “Beazer homes”. There is no way in hell something like this would happen within my community.

    • says

      After reading through the comments on this post and a quick check to the Beazer Facebook page you might notice that issues with this company do not seem to be “rare”. However, as I stated in an earlier comment, Beazer is a highly ranked company which is one of the reasons we decided to go with them in the first place. Let me be clear that I had NO issues with the builder, he was great and communicated with us. The builder has nothing to do with the drainage ditch, as you read in my post that was something decided between the city and the land developer. Regardless, it WAS communicated to Beazer, in writing, and then was never communicated to us. I’m sure the people in the community mentioned in the link I added to my post by the NBC News story never thought it would happen in their community either.

  20. Tahira Hasnain says

    Goodness – Emily! So sorry for your horrible experience. I was looking into Beazer homes and was about to go ahead. We went with a builder 4 years ago and loved the experience. The only issues we had on some items that the Sales agent fast talked us into some things that were all false promises. However, overall the experience has been great which was leading me to get into another new construction with Beazer this time. I will research throughly before making a decision. Thank you for sharing with us! So helpful!

  21. ace says

    Interesting…they have an answering service that won’t put you through to a person. Seems like they lack a lot of customer service too.

    Moving onto the next builder.

  22. J Indy says

    Also had a terrible experience with Beazer in Indianapolis. The quality of the home is fine. The customer service is terrible. Worst people to deal with. They do not care about their customers. The entire construction process was a mess. I went 3 months without a phone call from our construction manager, so I complained to the corporate office. I had a call from the construction manager within 10 minutes telling me to never do that again. We are in the house now but had to escrow some items. These items have not been addressed now 6 months into living in the house, I am the one who has to pester them and nothing is getting done. Completely frustrating experience. Would never recommend Beazer to anyone.

  23. says

    Hi Emily. I’m so glad when fellow bloggers write review posts. We were considering purchasing a home with Beazer, but wanted to check the reviews first. This post was number 2 on my Google search. This also shows the power of blogging. I’m so grateful they gave you your deposit back. I hope you are enjoying the house you chose instead of this one. I was curious, I haven’t had a chance to read through all of the comments, did you purchase a pre-existing house instead? Did your realtor find the Beazer home community for you?

    This is a lovely blog! Have a beautiful day! Shan
    Shan@FamilyBringsJoy recently posted…Change Is GoodMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Shan- We are loving the house we chose, thank you! We did end up purchasing a pre-existing home, different builder, in a different neighborhood that is just a few years old and had everything we wanted. We contacted the realtor after finding the Beazer community. She was extremely helpful during our experience dealing with building/ new construction. Even if you don’t go with pre-exisiting, I would highly recommend finding a realtor to help represent you! Good luck!! :)

  24. Beazer Indy says

    I purchased my Beazer home within the last year. I have had numerous issues that were completely ignored, or glossed over, by the builder overseeing my home. Drywall seams and arches that were never sanded but were painted, rails that were stained the wrong color, furnace and duct work undersized, and now we just figured out that there is no insulation in our attic. At the very least, how did our home pass inspection AND why was the attic access sealed shut? Beazer prides itself on Energy Star certifications, but doesn’t give attic insulation that is part of the contract? How many other people are currently living in a Beazer home without attic insulation and are wondering why their homes are so cold in the winter, or hot in the summer? Do they also check their attic access to find it sealed and just think that it is sealed to keep the blown in insulation in tact? Beazer Homes is a joke! Run as fast as you can away, and do not look back.

  25. Matt D says

    ***WARNING!!!***Do NOT go with Beazer if you are looking for a builder!!! They are so disorganized and lack internal communication. My wife and I signed paper work in July 2014 with a promise of completion of Dec/Jan time. Let’s just say, they haven’t even started because they sold us land/lot THEY didn’t own!!!!! Yes, that is correct, they didn’t own the land in a new phase that they were selling!!!! We have been ignored and lied too when trying to get updates. It’s mid-feb and still no date when construction will start. All the sales rep ever say’s is they are sorry and they want the best for us. They continually blame 3rd parties and don’t take ownership when they do not follow through on their promise. We have to reach out to find updates after they promise to contact us weekly. Look else where who will treat you right when you are willing to spending a quarter+ million dollars on a home.

  26. LJo says

    I am friends with 50 plus people in our Beazer neighborhood and WE LOVE IT! We had a great experience; our community is a tight group of people from all over the countty brought together in a Beazer neighborhood. The builders and reps are awesome; our home is beautiful. Did we have a problem or two during build time? YES….but after building 7 homes with other’s part of the process. WE are very pleased with our quality and our home prices have increased in our area so we have a nice equity nests egg. Would use Beazer again and are in the process with Beazer house number 2!

  27. Amanda says

    I am so sorry you had such an awful experience. I have sold new homes for 10 years and haven’t seen one quite that bad. A lot of the problems were created by your sales rep. He clearly was fumbling around making promises he couldn’t keep tarnishing Beazer’s name. Should you ever choose to go through the experience again one day you will bring a lot of questions to the table :) Glad everything worked out in the end. Best of luck.

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