Peaches and Brie Puff Pastry

Delicious fresh peaches with brie generously topped with brown sugar and honey on a pillow of puff pastry. Like individual peach pies without all the work!

Puff pastry topped with fresh peaches and brie, and drizzled with sweet honey

I saw a recipe in a magazine last weekend for Nectarine Tarts using puff pastry sheets and thought that would be DELICIOUS with peaches instead… and maybe a little slice of brie… and topped with brown sugar.  Turns out, I was right.  I don’t quite know what to call these- I wouldn’t call them tarts exactly, but just calling them squares doesn’t do them justice.  They are like little individual pies made on pillows of puff pastry. …

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Chicken Pot Pie

Creamy, flaky, and delicious.  This chicken pot pie is the ultimate comfort food.  Use frozen pie crust and rotisserie chicken to make this a quick weeknight meal.

Chicken Pot Pie- creamy, flaky, and delicious. Use refrigerated pie crust and rotisserie chicken for dinner in under 30 minutes

Chicken Pot Pie is one of my ultimate comfort foods.  It’s creamy, and flaky, and hearty- everything good comfort food should be.  This is obviously one of our favorite wintertime meals, but sometimes I just can’t help myself and serve it in the warmer months too.  Using frozen pie crust and rotisserie chicken makes this a quick weeknight meal. …

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Homemade Blueberry Syrup

Delicious homemade blueberry syrup. Only three ingredients. Perfect for pancakes, waffles, or even over ice cream!

I recently discovered Costco- I know, where have I been?  We got a membership a few months ago but I wasn’t really utilizing it fully.  I finally got a chance to go sans children and go up and down every aisle to see everything they offered.  I told my husband that I was “just going to browse” and he quickly quipped back that we don’t have money for that.  Ha- apparently he knows me too well, because I came home with about $50 worth of fruit. …

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Baked Eggs with Tomatoes and Feta

Delicious, creamy baked eggs with ripe tomatoes and flavorful feta cheese.  A must-make dish for breakfast or dinner!

Baked Eggs with tomatoes and feta cheese- a delicious, easy breakfast

You probably know by now that I’m a little obsessed with baked eggs, like my Italian Baked Eggs and Creamy Baked Eggs.  They’re just so easy to make, no babysitting on the stove top like fried or scrambled.  Let me introduce you to my newest obsession: feta cheese.  I honestly didn’t know how much I loved feta until I made this Roasted Red Pepper Parmesan Fettuccine pasta.  Turns out feta packs a zesty, savory, slightly tangy flavor that allows you to use less cheese (less calories!) in recipes. …

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Roasted Red Pepper Parmesan Fettuccine

Roasted Red Pepper Parmesan Fettuccine Pasta- an indulgent creamy sauce of Parmesan, feta, and roasted red peppers.  An easy restaurant quality dish you can make at home.

Roasted Red Pepper Parmesan Fettuccine Pasta- an indulgent creamy sauce of parmesan, feta, and roasted red peppers. An easy restaurant quality dish you can make at home.

Before we continue with the recipe for this Roasted Red Pepper Parmesan Fettuccine I feel like we should discuss what it is and what it is not.  It is a delicious, restaurant quality pasta dish.  It is full of flavor and heavy cream and real butter. (Amen) It is not diet or light anything.  It is a recipe you should tuck away for when you have company coming over that you want to impress.  It is not something you should wait to make. …

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Mixed Berry Homemade Fruit Leather

This homemade fruit leather would be a perfect addition to a school lunchbox or a great summertime treat to make with the kiddos!

Homemade Fruit Leather- so easy to make and can be made with a variety of different fruits! I don't know why I never tried this before.

Do you ever feel really domestic when you make something from scratch?  I don’t know why it still amazes me the way it does since I grew up in a home where basically everything was homemade.  My friends even joked in high school that we didn’t have any “food” in our pantry- it was all “ingredients”!  Ha!  We did have occasional store bought “treats”- like Fruit Roll-Ups and Little Debbie snacks; mostly because my mom was also master couponer- so if we had them in the house it was because the store pretty much paid her to take them haha.  There are some things I’ll always make from scratch, like buttermilk biscuits and buttercream frosting, but it still amazes me when I learn new things in the kitchen. …

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Mixed Berry Fruit Galette

Rustic Mixed Berry Fruit Galette- perfect for a summer get together!

I can hardly keep berries in the house with my kids.  It seems like by the time I get done putting away the other groceries, they’ve almost gobbled them all up before they even make it to the refrigerator.  I bought a few cartons of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries that somehow didn’t get demolished and were nearing the end of their life span.  I decided I needed to make something with them quick because I couldn’t stand the idea of all of those [not-the-cheapest-organic] berries going to waste! …

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Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Perfect Chocolate Frosting- rich, buttery frosting perfect for cakes or cupcakes

Today is my husband’s birthday.  Every year he requests a yellow cake… from a box… with chocolate frosting… from a can.  I’m a big proponent of making most things from scratch, especially baked goods, but sometimes you just can’t beat the nostalgia of a big, fluffy, box yellow cake mix.  However I have finally convinced him that buttercream frosting is something you should always make homemade.  …

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Slow Cooker Shredded Taco Chicken

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken- so versatile, perfect for tacos, enchiladas, salads, you name it. Fork shredded and full of flavor.

I’ve been M.I.A. from the blog lately.  Turns out this pregnancy has been a little rough on me the first few weeks and looking at food or thinking about food or making food was not on my list of favorite things to do.  Ironically though, EATING food has been about the only thing that makes me feel better.  I’ve had zero energy and all day nausea which doesn’t really go well when you have a house full of people who like to eat.  I’ve been relying on my slow cooker, and my sweet husband, a lot more lately to make dinner for me. …

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