Kristen from The Mrs. & The Momma: B-Man’s Birth Story

Hi there! I am taking a break from posting this week as I should be enjoying my new baby girl right this minute! To celebrate Sophia’s birth, I have a weeks worth of guest posts lined up from some of my bloggy friends sharing their baby’s birth stories. Be sure to follow me on Twitter because I will be posting updates on Sophia’s arrival (and I’m sure LOTS of pics!) and come back next week to read all about her birth story as well.

Hey there Sweet Bella Roos readers!  I’m Kristen from The Mrs. & The Momma….so glad to meet you!  I’d like to consider my blog many things, but mostly I focus on my style and my family…and all the random (and sometimes funny) happenstances that accompany life with four little ones…ages six and under I might add.

Which brings me to four birth stories I could share.  Don’t worry…I’ll spare you all but the last.  The good story.

Really, the only birth story of interest was my last child, as the other three were routine inductions or c-section.  My husband and I always wanted to have four children…and our plan was to be done by the time we were 30.  We actually made it with one month to spare!

We had three girls and I was just ecstatic to be having a boy.  I had planned on a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean) and had really wanted to do this one with no meds.  I had prayed to have him on the Saturday after having my membranes swiped.  I know that sounds really specific, but it was due time (pun intended) and Saturday was a good day to have him considering my husband’s work schedule, etc.  Well, my prayer was answered pretty literally, as my contractions woke me up around 1am. My husband was out-of-town for the night, but only about 45 minutes away.  Once I realized that he should probably come home, he was there in no time.

I remember going in the ER entrance (since it was 2am) and wondering why the heck people weren’t moving faster to help me.  Couldn’t they see I was in labor!?!  Didn’t they know I was about to have a baby right there in the ER lobby!?!

Evidently, they knew something that I did not.  Turns out I didn’t give birth right there in front of the reception desk.

Shocking, I know.

Considering the risk of having a VBAC, I really wanted my OB to deliver my son because she knew my story…my body…and what I needed from her.  She wasn’t on-call until 7am, though.  I was really trying to wait until she got there, but I was progressing pretty good and was at 8cm around 5am.

At that point, my family got there and I began losing focus dealing with my contractions.  I was wanting to jump out of my skin….or out of the hospital bed.  Either way, I was not a happy camper.

One of the other docs (not mine) came in and told me I should really get an epidural.  I hadn’t wanted to, but it was tempting.  I felt like I could have handled the pain had I only been able to focus….however, that focus never resumed after I lost it.

I caved.

Which stalled my labor.

Allowing for my doctor to get there and deliver my baby.

Pushing him out was the worst of all my children.  For some reason, I either forgot how to push, or he was stuck in some weird position because it wasn’t working.

His heart rate dropped several times, which scared my “doesn’t mess around with VBACs” doctor.  She told me if I didn’t get him out on the next push, we’d have to go to the ER standing by to get him out.

Well, what do you know….that was just the motivation he (and I) needed.  When he came out his head was bruised and bloody.  I ended up having a severe tear, which my husband likes to bring up whenever I wallow in regret of getting an epidural.  He declares, “You would NOT have wanted to feel that tear!!!”  (He saw how bad it was.)

I usually argue back that I wouldn’t have torn like that if I had done it naturally….blah, blah, blah.  I could go on with that argument, but what was and is most important is that I have a health baby boy.

He is now 15 months old and such a joy to our family.  Each and every person he encounters loves him and comments on what a sweet little spirit he is.  I must concur.

He is quite special.  He is my boy.

Carly from Texas Lovebirds: Gunner’s Birth Story

Hi there! I am taking a break from posting this week as I should be enjoying my new baby girl right this minute! To celebrate Sophia’s birth, I have a weeks worth of guest posts lined up from some of my bloggy friends sharing their baby’s birth stories. Be sure to follow me on Twitter because I will be posting updates on Sophia’s arrival (and I’m sure LOTS of pics!) and come back next week to read all about her birth story as well.

I first want to say thank you to Emily for giving me the opportunity to guest post today. I’ve loved getting to know Emily through the blog world and our lives as firefighter wives, and I am so happy for Emily and James as they are welcoming another beautiful little girl into their home. Although I don’t know much about little girls, because it’s all snips, snails and puppy dog tails over here!

Our son, Gunner, is now six months old, half a year, goodness time flies! It’s hard to believe that it has been that long, yet I can’t remember what life was like without him. The day of Gunner’s birth seems like one big blur, as I’m sure it seems for any Mom, but I will try to piece it all together for this little post.

Gunner was born via a scheduled c-section on February 16th at 12:53 pm. The c-section was necessary as he was turned in the transverse-lie-back-down position (basically sideways in my stomach) with his head under my right ribs and his feet under my left.

The day before the c-section we went to the hospital for blood work and information about the procedure. I had some anxiety about the procedure but getting all of my questions answered the day before helped relieve most of it. After the testing and blood work, Cody and I went out to eat and marveled at the fact that the very next day we would have our son in our arms.

The c-section was scheduled for 12:30 in the afternoon and we were asked to arrive at the hospital at 10:30 am. When we arrived at the hospital we were taken directly back to the recovery area where I would be prepped for the c-section and where I would return to recover for two hours after the c-section. Before going into the operating room for the c-section my parents were able to come in and visit with us for a little while. The opportunity to visit with them gave me such a peace before everything.

After all of the prep was done, the nurse, Cody, and I walked down to the operating room. Cody had to wait outside for the first 15 minutes while they administered my spinal and prepped the room. We were told the day before that Cody would not be with me when they administered the spinal so I expected that..I was, of course, still nervous. I had two fantastic nurses that were with me the entire time and they helped calm me when Cody wasn’t able to.

Once Cody was back in the room the actual procedure began and after what seemed like a few short minutes, our son was with us. It was amazing hearing his cry for the first time and seeing his head full of blonde hair. When the nurse yelled out his measurement (8 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 inches long), I laughed because he was a big boy just like we thought. It was completely surreal. In mere seconds I became a mom. In mere seconds my world changed forever. In mere seconds I fell in love in a way that I never knew possible.

I watched in awe as the nurses moved about the room measuring him, weighing him, and checking him. I have to admit that I felt a pang of jealousy that Cody was able to be at his side. He was able to touch him and see him up close, and I was stuck on a table as they stitched me up.

I was really very open to the idea of a c-section. While it wasn’t my ideal birthing situation, I just wanted him here. However, I did worry about the connection Gunner and I would have. I worried we wouldn’t instantly connect. I worried that he’d struggle with breastfeeding because we didn’t have that initial skin-to-skin contact. I just wanted my baby to know me, and I was so concerned that a c-section would prevent that.

Finally, they bundled Gunner up and let Cody walk him over to me. They laid him on my chest and unhooked my arms from a few of the machines so that I could hold him. I said his name and his eyes locked with mine. I reached my finger out and his tiny hand wrapped around it. That moment was a relief. He knew me, he knew my voice, and he was learning my touch.

I spent a few more minutes holding him before he was taken to the nursery for a bath and other tests. Cody went to visit with our family and was able to watch him through the nursery windows with them. I spent a little time alone while they stitched me back up and I was then rolled to my recovery room.

We spent two hours in recovery; just me, Cody, and G. Family was allowed back during that time but we never had anyone back. The main reason no one ever came back was because they were having a somewhat difficult time managing my pain levels. My spinal and the morphine given through that wore off insanely quickly. The anesthesiologist told me that this issue happened in about 2% of people and had some deep, scientific reasoning behind it…I just knew I hurt. The issue was quickly fixed and I was granted a morphine pump to control my pain for the first 24 hours. However, in the end, I was glad we had those first few hours alone. Cody and I were able to marvel at our son, just us two. It was really special.

After I finished my time in recovery we moved to our post postpartum room, had our first successful feeding, and then our family came in. The next three days were filled with sleepless night, lots of visits, good hospital food (yes, it does exist), and so much love.

I’ll end this post with pictures that my mom took during our days there.

We love you, G. More than you could ever know.

Jill from Nokoikonomia: Jaye’s Birth Story

Hi there! I am taking a break from posting this week as I should be enjoying my new baby girl right this minute! To celebrate Sophia’s birth, I have a weeks worth of guest posts lined up from some of my bloggy friends sharing their baby’s birth stories. Be sure to follow me on Twitter because I will be posting updates on Sophia’s arrival (and I’m sure LOTS of pics!) and come back next week to read all about her birth story as well.

Hi! My name is Jill and my little blog world is called Nokoikonomia. The crazy name is a combination of the street of our first home and the Greek word for household. I say it no-koy-kon-om-ee’-ah. I majored in ancient Greek and Latin in college. After college, I worked at a coffee shop, then went to law school. Then we moved from Minneapolis, MN to Dallas, TX! Now I find myself (somewhat accidentally) staying at home with our daughter Jaye (13 mths). I blog mostly about home decor and diy projects with a fair amount of recipes, budgeting, family stories, and general household management thrown in for good measure!

Long before I ever thought seriously about having a baby, I remember reading natural birth stories and thinking “How crazy! I’d never do that.” But then when I was pregnant with Jaye, it turned out that a natural birth was exactly what I wanted. Jaye was born in water at a birth center, not a hospital, with no pain medication at all. It seems crazy, but I don’t describe my birth experience as being painful at all just uncomfortable, and I wrote this all down right afterwards so time can’t have faded my memory too much. Anyway, less blather, more story. Here goes:

My birth story (and Jaye’s too) began on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 with a backache. I remember noting that my lower back ached in a different way from my normal pregnancy backache. I didn’t think a whole lot about it though. Phil and I went for a nice walk and had our usual evening.

I woke up at 4:30 am on Thursday, August 4, 2011 with what I knew were definitely some contractions. I felt them in my back, but they weren’t bad and I dozed for a while. Like we’d talked about in Hypnobabies class, I tried to relax and sleep and not get too excited. I knew it was possible to have light contractions for days beforehand. I got up for real around 7 am as Phil was getting ready for work. My contractions were coming every 10 minutes. We went for a walk and decided that since Phil had been planning on taking a half day to go to our scheduled midwife appointment that afternoon perhaps he would just work from home until then.

I ate some cereal for breakfast- Kashi Crunch. I called Health Foundations, our birth center, and just let them know that I might be in early labor. I think I maybe read some blogs and tried to have a normal start to the day. I lay down to take a nap at one point too. Around 9:00 am, I started feeling nauseous. I started throwing up after every contraction. For some reason, this was absolutely not something I’d anticipated or even thought could happen at all. Perhaps I should have guessed, since I generally throw up when I get migraines.

I think at this point, I put on the Deepening track from Hypnobabies. However, I remember that the super calm and chipper voice got on my nerves. At one point, she said, “You feel so good” and I remember retorting “No, I don’t!” I didn’t listen to any more tracks after that. But I definitely kept using the things I’d learned in Hypnobabies. Phil would quote sections from memory to me and remind me to stay “in center.” I focused on relaxing and breathing and letting my body do it.

Around noon, Phil called the midwives again and told them I’d been throwing up every 10 minutes after every contraction for a while now. Amy said, in her usual calm way, “It would be better if she wasn’t.” We grabbed a few things and headed to the birth center to get some nausea relief for me.

When we got there, we headed back to one of the two bedrooms, and I got an IV with some fluids to rehydrate me and some nausea medicine. My chiropractor came in and adjusted me. Phil says her presence really calmed be down. I felt SO much better once I wasn’t throwing up anymore. Phil urged me to eat some Larabar and drink some water. We stayed at the birth center for a while. Dozing on the bed or the couch in between contractions.

The midwives checked me twice while I was there and I’d progressed from 1 cm to almost 3ish. We took a walk several times around the block to keep things moving. At one point, I stopped and threw up. That’s what I remember. Phil tells it differently. He says that right outside of a busy mechanic’s shop with the garage doors open and lots of people around, I staggered over to a little tree and threw up all over underneath it and then staggered on down the street while he watched helplessly. I remember that throwing up was pretty miserable, but I don’t remember the contractions being that bad. They weren’t comfortable, but I generally just leaned on Phil and breathed through them.

The midwives wanted me to go home and get some rest since my contractions were still generally 10 minutes apart (they’d gotten closer together while we were walking, but spread out again once we stopped). I really didn’t want to go home because I was so nervous about the drive home and about having to drive back later. Sitting down during contractions didn’t feel as good as standing or leaning. But we headed home around 6:00 pm, stopping at the pharmacy to get something the midwives prescribed to help me sleep.

My memory and sense of time gets cloudier once we got home. The midwives wanted me to try to sleep, so I sat on the ottoman leaning up against the bed. I remember that I was hot and then cold. I was freezing in between contractions. I would wrap my giant snuggie all around me. Then a contraction would start and I would have to stand up, throw off the blankets, and turn on the fan. Phil would press on my lower back and that helped. As the contraction slowed, I would head into the bathroom because for some reason it’s the coolest room in our house. After I cooled down, I would be freezing again and head back under my blankets. In between I would eat a spoonful of peanut butter with graham crackers mashed up and honey mixed in.

My mom arrived around 9:00 pm. I had called her around 3:00 pm to let her know that today was the day. She hurried to the airport and made it in perfect time. I remember hearing her chatting and greeting Phil as she walked in, but Phil was all business, telling her how my contractions were working and what she was supposed to do. She and Phil switched off sitting next to me and pressing on my back when I needed them to. My mom says I was very calm; she would never have known I was having a contraction except that I would stand up and turn on the ceiling fan. I remember asking how far apart the contractions were but Phil and my mom didn’t want to tell me in case it was discouraging to me. I remember insisting that they were definitely getting closer and closer together.

A few minutes after midnight, my water broke right in the middle of a contraction. It was kind of startling. Once my water broke, the contractions became more intense. I decided to get in the shower. I started moaning through the contractions and each time one started Phil would come over and just hold me with his eyes. I started to doubt myself some saying that I couldn’t do it when Phil would come over. He told me I was doing it.

Phil had called the answering service for the midwives as soon as my water broke, but I was getting pretty impatient to hear back from them. It felt incredibly urgent to me that we be at the birth center immediately. I said we had to leave right away even though we hadn’t heard back from a midwife. Luckily, Cheryl called as we were heading out to the car. We beat everyone to the birth center. I have a distinct memory of standing out on the front porch in the middle of the night leaning on Phil and swaying a bit through a contraction. It was kind of surreal.

Amanda, the birth assistant, showed up shortly and let us in. We headed back to the same room we’d been in earlier that day. Cheryl arrived in a few minutes. She took one look at me and made me lay down on the bed. I was concerned because standing felt more comfortable for the contractions, but Cheryl said she’d coach me through it and after a few in that position it would feel better. She said I looked too tired to keep standing for all of them. She did coach me through them and seemed to know just what to say.

Once I was lying down, Cheryl and Amanda got an IV of Group B antibiotics started for me and did check me once even though they don’t like to check the dilation much once the water has broken. I was at 7 cm. That didn’t seem far enough to me at the time. I felt like I needed to be MUCH further along and ready to push. But the birth progressed quickly from that point. Cheryl had me get up on hands and knees and do some slow hip circles to help change Jaye’s position inside and help her come down more. The change in position made a big difference. I remember saying “Open, open, open.” I remember Cheryl telling me to relax into the pressure in my lower back. She described exactly what I was feeling and I was able to let go.

Phil tells me that at one point he asked what he could do for me and I replied, “Make it stop.” I must have been in transition. I don’t remember feeling that desperate.

I was able to eat and drink more at this point. I ate graham crackers with peanut butter spread on them. Cheryl asked if the tub still sounded good and I said definitely yes, so they started filling it. I got into the tub on my hands and knees at first. It was nice to be in the warm water. Phil put on a swimsuit and joined me. I definitely felt the urge to push at this point and the sensation of the contractions changed a lot. It felt to me like the contractions slowed down a lot and I had a lot of time to relax in between. I’d ask for a cool washcloth on my face, drink some water, and eat something. Phil told me later that the contractions were coming just as often as they had been earlier. Perhaps I was just calmer or more in tune with them so they felt further apart.

I remember Cheryl telling me that I could push as much as I wanted, throughout the entire contraction. At one point she told me that it had been a little while since the last contraction which likely meant the next one was going to be more powerful. She said she could see Jaye’s head descending and then retreating a little bit with each contraction. Cheryl suggested that I change positions, to sit back and lean against Phil. I really didn’t want to, but she said after the next contraction we’ll change positions.

As usual, Cheryl was right. I moved to sit with my back leaning up against Phil and my legs pressing kind of against the side of the tub. Once again, changing positions made huge progress. I was very focused on pushing Jaye out. I tried to push as long and as hard as I could during each contraction. At one point, Cheryl said I could reach down and feel Jaye’s head, but I didn’t want to. I was too focused on pushing. But then right away Cheryl said, “No, reach down and take her, she’s there.” There was one contraction that was pretty uncomfortable, and I didn’t want to stop pushing at the end of it. After the next push, I felt a huge sense of relief and release of pressure. I looked down, and there was Jaye’s head and arm. Cheryl helped me reach down and put little Jaye up on my chest.

I remember saying, “It’s a baby.” and “We did it, Phil. We had a baby.” I also remember being so overcome with just emotion in general that I couldn’t really form words, but just happy little moans. I remember commenting on how purple Jaye was. She was also really sticky because she was covered with vernix.

They wrapped a towel around Jaye as I held her in the tub. After a bit (I have no sense of the timing), we all got out of the tub. Phil held Jaye skin to skin and hung out over by the bed. Cheryl and I dealt with the placenta. I didn’t really have to push it out, but neither did Cheryl pull it at all. It just kind of came on its own. It was kind of weird-looking, and I was interested in learning about it. Phil, holding the baby a few feet away from me, were less interested.

We lay down in bed. As soon as Phil put Jaye down on my stomach and chest, she picked her little head right up and stared at me with her big alert eyes and a wrinkled forehead.

And that’s how Jaye was born. And how I had a baby. I couldn’t be happier with my perfect, natural water-birth!

Thanks for sticking with me through that long story! To read more about our life and projects, check out my blog or find me on Facebook!

Kelly from The Grant Life: Ryley’s Birth Story

Hi there! I am taking a break from posting this week as I should be enjoying my new baby girl right this minute! To celebrate Sophia’s birth, I have a weeks worth of guest posts lined up from some of my bloggy friends sharing their baby’s birth stories. Be sure to follow me on Twitter because I will be posting updates on Sophia’s arrival (and I’m sure LOTS of pics!) and come back next week to read all about her birth story as well.

I started my blog because of my personal experiences.  I have two beautiful children, a daughter and a newborn son.  My first was born February 2010 quickly followed by my second April 2011.  I have wanted children for as long as I can remember and was beyond excited when a few weeks after I got married, found out we were pregnant.  My pregnancy was pretty standard (besides some migraines the first trimester) and nothing could have prepared me for the labor and delivery of our daughter.

My husband and I did everything that was expected of first time parents.  He came along with me to all my doctors appointments, we asked our doctors a ton of questions, and we even took the baby education classes (lamaze).  I had no fears as my due date approached and thought I was ready for the wonderful beauty of childbirth.

My daughter was due on the 25th of February, but I showed no signs of labor on that day.  I went to my final doctors appointment where a midwife suggested that we ‘scrape your membranes’ to kick start labor.  I thought sure why not.. cant hurt.  My appointment was at 1 and I started having contractions around 5 pm.  My husband and I put our bags in the car and headed up to our local grocery store so I could walk around and hopefully move things along.

When I couldnt talk through contractions anymore we headed up to the hospital around 10 pm.  Once at the hospital my contractions got slower and less intense until the next morning.  I opted to try some pain medicine that afternoon (the 26th) after the doctors started me on pitocin.  The nubane worked for a short period of time but once it started to wear off I became sick and vomitted.  I got 3 shots and threw up after each one wore off.

At this point I decided that I needed an epidural because I had horrible back labor and was in a lot of pain.  The nurse anthesist came in and started prepping for the epidural.  She tried to thread the line between contractions but having her poke my back on top of having  severe back labor was unbearable.  She missed her spot twice and informed me that she ‘hit a boney spot’ in my spine.  I was in tears and wanted to scream at her, but I just cried and yelled at my husband instead.  (He tried to calm me down by asking me softball trivia but I just yelled at him more.. poor guy.)

Once she got the catheter threaded they decided not to give me the full amount of medicine because my heart rate increased and my blood pressure decreased.  Basically I had put myself in shock because of the pain of the epidural and contractions.  I was put on oxygen and I was told that a cardiologist was going to come in and see if I needed at ct scan.  I lied in bed in tears with a mask on my face still in more pain then anyone should ever experience.  I kept telling the nurse that my lower body wasnt numb and I could still feel the contractions that were getting closer together.

My water was broken in hopes that the baby would move down into birthing position around 4 pm since she was still high up.  I dont remember much between this point and delivering my daughter because I was in so much pain still.  I was only getting 5ml an hour of pain meds and the only thing that did was allow me to sleep when I wasnt having contractions.

Finally, after being in labor over 24 hours, my doctor came in and informed me that if I wasnt able to deliver within the hour he was going to have to do a c-section.  At this point I didnt care what happened but I knew I didnt want a c-section.  Within 15 minutes the nurse had to get the doctor because the baby had moved down and I was ready to push.

Pushing was the icing on the cake of labor.  It was my light at the end of the tunnel; I was so relieved to get to this point.  Plus its the most ‘natural’ part of child birth because as my nurse put it ‘you push like your pooping, Kelley!’  I had pushed maybe 8 times and then my doctor told me to stop.  What the?? Why??  Apparently the cord was wrapped around my daughters neck.  So once her head was free, I stopped, they cut the cord off her neck and then pulled her the rest of the way out.

I couldnt stop crying after that.  They put her on my chest and I just cried even more.  I personally dont think that labor is a beautiful thing, but seeing your child for the first time is one of the best feelings in this world.  She was healthy and just looked at me with the same wonderment that I was looking at her with.  The first thing I told my husband was ‘she has green eyes! she has green eyes!’  (Which wasnt even true.. she has blue eyes).  That was was of the only things that we said to each other because we were just both amazed at this new little life that came bounding into the world.

The doctors started to stitch my back up and the nurse had to massage my belly to try and make my uterus contract back to normal.  She was pretty rough and kept apologizing.  I told her that what she was doing was nothing compared to what I had just gone through.  She laughed and I did for the first time that day as well.

A few interesting facts about my labor:

My daughter was not born with a cone head despite my long labor.  :)

My mom had enough time to buy a ticket, fly from Texas and still be in the room for over 6 hours before my daughter was born. 

When I had my son I was given 12ml/hour with my epidural!

Ryley Ellen
7 pounds 12 ounces – 20 inches long

Happy, tired family


Heather from Terrell Family Fun: Lennox Madalynn’s Birth Story

Hi there!  I am taking a break from posting this week as I should be enjoying my new baby girl right this minute!  To celebrate Sophia’s birth, I have a weeks worth of guest posts lined up from some of my bloggy friends sharing their baby’s birth stories.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter because I will be posting updates on Sophia’s arrival (and I’m sure LOTS of pics!) and come back next week to read all about her birth story as well.

Hi Everyone. I’m Heather from Terrell Family Fun.  Thanks to Emily for letting me share my birth story with you!

I can’t believe I’ve never actually written out my birth story. I guess I wasn’t really blogging after I had our daughter Lennox and it just never happened! So when I heard that Emily was asking for people to share their story, I thought this was my chance to finally get it down “on paper”..uh blog! So here is how our birth story went:

Thursday June 17, 2012: Hospital Induction Check-In

Flash back to 30 minutes prior on the car ride there — I’m nervous, crying and excited, all at the same time. I was just overwhelmed with emotions and unsure of what was going to happen next. Would my baby girl be healthy? Would it hurt? Will there be a problem? Will I know what to do?

I was schedule for an induction on Friday so I was told to check-in to the hospital the night before at 8pm. We show up, with all our stuff and get settled into our room. I get my check out from the nurse and find out that I’m still only 1cm dilated so time for some medicine to help me dilate overnight. I took my medicine, wait the required 30 minutes before getting up, took a shower then get ready to try and get some sleep {that didn’t happen, even with a sleeping pill}. I may have gotten a few hours of sleep that night, I mean our lives were changing tomorrow!

Friday June 18, 2012: Birth Day

Today’s the day! We finally were going to meet your bundle of joy! By the morning, when the nurse came to check on me, I was now {I think} 3cm dilated…not that much progress overnight. We started the induction medicine and get all hooked up to the IVs, monitor, etc. No more getting out of bed for me. This was about 7:30am. My doctor came in and broke my water around 10:30am and I followed that up with getting my epidural. I had said I wanted to wait after my water broke so I could feel the contractions until I felt the pain was about a 5 or 6 {out of 10} I think by the time I got 4, I was ready! I’m a wimp! Honestly, getting the epidural was the worse part of the pre-birth and birth process. All of a sudden my contractions got a lot worse and it was hard to sit still while getting the epidural. But once I had it, it was smooth sailing!

My family came in to visit me while we waited, a little after lunch time I decided I better try to rest. Just as it was about to rest, I had a sudden feeling of pressure, I told my husband to get the nurse. They came and checked on me and said I was a 9 had really progressed and it was almost time. She would call the doctor and start getting things ready. Kyle got excited, I got nervous and started crying/shaking. I was overwhelmed again! I finally got relaxed enough to calm down and wait on the doctor. I hung in there as long as I could so that we could push for the least amount of time as possible.

The last 30 minutes of contractions were hurting and I was so ready to have this baby! Once my doctor got there and we started pushing, I think I only pushed for about 4 or 5 rounds of 3 pushes each. We welcomed Lennox Madalynn into this world at 4:23PM. She weighed 6pounds 11ounces and as 18.5 inches. Brown hair, blue eyes and she was perfect!

We stayed the typical 48 hours in the hospital with no real problems, other than I was in a pretty good amount of pain. I didn’t shower, get out of bed much or even put my pajamas on — thinking back, I really should of put some PJs on and gotten more comfortable. Oh well! We came home to my mom who had decorated the house with pink flowers, princess balloon, cake, and nice and clean! I love moms!

So that is my birth story. Honestly, it’s not that eventful of exciting but I’m glad it isn’t! It went smoothly and if I ever have another child, at least I know what to expect! Did you have a similar induction experience?

Thank you to Emily for letting me guest post on her blog. Please come checkout my blog at Terrell Family Fun or follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Well today is the big day!  By the time this post publishes we should be arriving at the hospital to begin our induction.  I am super excited, and a little nervous.  I just want her here already with ten adorable fingers and ten precious toes.

For the last few days I have been coming to terms with the fact that after tomorrow we will no longer be a family of three.  My husband is probably tired of me pointing it out with every little thing– the last time we all take a nap together, the last time we go out to eat, the last time we read stories with BellaRoo at bedtime just the three of us.

Eating lunch with BellaRoo at her school

Every night after stories Isabella gets to pick one song for us to sing to her, and tonight she picked the lullaby I used to sing when I would rock her to sleep as a baby.  Yeah.  I barely made it through that choking back the tears.  Can’t believe I will be singing that my newest little baby in a few hours.

It’s funny that inductions feel so anti-climatic.  You never feel prepared enough, even when you know the date days in advance, yet without that “movie moment” of your water breaking in the middle of the night you just wake up in the morning like any other day.  I was induced with BellaRoo at 41 weeks, so the thought of actually going into labor on my own was never one I ever really considered.  After 39 long weeks, many of which during the heat of a Texas summer, I am so glad the day is finally here.

So as you can imagine I won’t be posting this week, and I won’t be hosting Pin It Thursday.  BUT!  I do have a great line-up of guest posts to fill my absence.  In honor of Sophia’s birth I have a few friends stopping by to share the birth stories of their little ones.  I think it’s neat that out of the five stories being shared this week none of them are the same- the experiences range from a water birth to a cesarean.  When I return next week I will share Sophia’s, but you can follow me on Twitter to keep up with updates and pictures before then!

Would love to hear your guesses for what time you think Miss Sophia will make her arrival, and how much you think she will weigh!!  (A little help: I was induced with BellaRoo at 6am and she made her arrival at 6:49 pm weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds 8 ounces!)  Daddy is guessing 2:30pm at 9lbs 11oz (firefighter humor I guess 9-11 lol) and I am guessing 9lbs 8oz at 4pm.  If anyone guesses correctly I might have a little prize for the winner… so leave your guess in the comments below!


Monday Morning Mumblings

1. 37 weeks… officially full-term… yay!  Any day, Sophia… ANY DAY.  I’m seriously running out of clothes.  I’m living in dresses because #1 pants take too much balance and coordination to get on these days and #2 my belly peeks out under all my shirts.  Blah.

2. I’m so ready to take my body back over.  I kinda miss seeing my feet and am ready to not have monster hands from being so swollen.  I want to work out so bad.  Not to mention, Mama needs a moscato lol.

3. Did I mention Hubby has jury duty this week?  Um, yeah… that’s really not going to work for me.  Perfect timing.

4. Our sweet friends made us dinner last night, and we had Oreo cream pie.  Everything was so yummy.  It was nice to get out of the house!

5. Speaking of getting out of the house, Isabella and I went to the mall on Saturday.  Doesn’t sound that exciting except it was 45 minutes away, raining, and tax-free weekend.  I’m still exhausted!  We bought pretzels and sat on the couches outside of Macy’s for a good 20 minutes to rest before making the trek back to the car ha-ha.

6. Yesterday my Mom mentioned that it was almost time to get our anniversary cake out of the freezer.  Then James remembered that the bakery didn’t give us a top tier to freeze because they just re-make a small cake instead.  Now I can’t wait to see if my Mom has been freezing a fake tier for a year now ha-ha!  Also, I really want cake.

7. James and I watched all three of the Bourne movies last week for the first time.  Now I really want to see the one that just came out in theaters.  

8. For your weekly dose of “did they really just say that to a pregnant woman?”: this week I got the pleasure of hearing two birth stories told by random men.  The highlight: “I just looked at my new baby, and back at my wife, and thought– all this was in there? And it came out of there?”  Yep, thanks for that.  I’m sure your wife would be glad to know we had that conversation, because I sure am! 

9. Isabella has been watching Pioneer Woman’s cooking show on Food Network with me.  She is cracking me up!  I can’t belive she sits there and intently watches an entire episode with me.  And asks questions along the way like what is creme brulee and red velvet ha-ha.

10. Meow Meow (our adorably ornery cat that refuses to remove herself from the situation when being tortured loved on by Isabella) is driving me crazy lately with the hair balls.  She’s always had a problem with them, but it just recently got extra cute when she would be sure to only puke on the days James was on shift.  Now she just throws up ALL THE TIME.  I stepped in a big pile yesterday and am still pissed about it.  Do you know what kind of acrobatics I had to do to be able to reach my foot to scrub it?!  HELP! What do you do for your cat to prevent this??? We give her the nasty hair ball paste medicine stuff but apparently it’s not working. 


Maternity Pictures by Zan Berry Photography

I’m sure you’ve seen all those cute little weekly or monthly pregnancy/baby bump maternity pictures floating around Pinterest.  Yeah, I haven’t taken a single one of those.  I’ve been such a bad mom that most of the ones I do have of my bump are self-taken mirror shots with my iPhone.  So, needless to say, I knew pretty early that I wanted to have professional maternity pictures taken this pregnancy.  Due to my lack of picture-taking, I had really high hopes that these would turn out amazing… and they did!

I found out about Zan Berry Photography from my Dad (funny enough)– he delivers where she works and had mentioned how sweet she was and that she was trying to start-up her photography business.  She was so great!  Below are a few of my favorite shots from our session:











We took the pictures at a local farm here a few weeks ago, and it was HOT.  Apparently I really didn’t think this whole pregnant during the Texas summer thing through ha-ha.  See the cute little fireman booties?  I saw those on Etsy one day and knew I had to have them… I don’t even think James and I were married at that point yet, but had been together long enough to know I wanted to have his babies :) ha-ha.  I wrapped those with the pregnancy test and gave them to him when I found out I was pregnant on Christmas day.

If you live in the DFW area, I highly recommend Zan Berry Photography!  She does maternity pictures, newborn, family, weddings, and more.  Contact her for more information and take advantage of her super affordable start-up prices!  You can view more of her gorgeous pics (and more pics from my session!) on her Facebook page.


Monday Morning Mumblings

1. I am 36 weeks now! Hello, honeydew!  (Which is how big Sophia is according the TheBump’s very odd weekly fruit comparison.) 

2. It’s funny how vivid pregnancy dreams are!  For the past week or so, all my dreams (well one’s that include my kiddos) have included Sophia.  She’s usually still a newborn for most of them.  I can’t wait to see her little face! 

3. I had big plans to get the finishing touches done this weekend and maybe even get the house deep cleaned.  Apparently “getting ready for the baby” means different things to mom vs. dad.  For me… I wanted to clean the house, finish up her laundry, make sure my bag was packed, maybe even get wild and install the car seat.  For him… evidently it meant change my oil, fill up my tank, rotate my tires, wash my car, and vacuum it out.  Ha-ha men.

4. In his defense he did setup the baby monitor though.  And he was super cute about it.

5. We didn’t have BellaRoo this weekend, and it occurred to us that this is probably our last “kid-free” weekend for a very, very long time.  We got massages Friday night, which were a-mazing, albeit awkward trying to flip over side to side 9months pregnant, and after we decided to be really crazy and go to Olive Garden for dinner ha-ha.

6. True story-
Waitress at OG: “Oh, wow, when are you due?”
Me: “End of the month; few more weeks.”
Waitress: “Really? We have a hostess here due next week and she’s WAY smaller than you.”
Me: “Can you please bring us some bread sticks so I can beat you with them?”…. ok JK on that last quip, but it did cross my mind.  Seriously people!

7. I did find time this weekend to make brownies.  Like the best-ever-I-will-never-buy-another-mix brownies.  No matter what you’re doing, there is always time for brownies.  Recipe here.

8. Why is it that even when you know something is going to happen, it still surprises you when it actually does.  Is this another one of nature’s cruel jokes, kind of like how you forget how bad labor really was so that you are tricked into doing it again?

9. I got my ticket to Blissdom 2013! I am soooo excited that it is going to be in Texas next year.  Are you going?

10. I got my maternity pictures back and I just love them.  Come back Wednesday to see more!

maternity pictures


Monday Morning Mumblings

1. I am 35 weeks! We had a sonogram last week and estimated Sophia to be about 6lbs 7oz already.  Her head is measuring 39 weeks… oh my goodness.  I was hoping to get an eviction game plan together (as opposed to going a week late with BellaRoo, who was 10lbs 8oz in case anyone has forgotten), but my Doc says keep baking.

2. Y’all… my baby starts Kindergarten in 3 weeks.  How did this happen?  Maybe I’m in denial because I haven’t purchased a single school supply yet.  Ugh!

3. On Saturday my dad took BellaRoo to go get donuts, James went back to sleep after being on shift the night before, and I leisurely got up just in time to watch Pioneer Woman’s new season premiere on Food Network.  I made her egg-in-a-holes to celebrate:

4. This whole being married to a Firefighter thing is real annoying… just when I want to complain about how the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup I just ate gave me heart burn, or how Taco Bell has now discontinued my fav frozen strawberry lemonade- he has to text me and tell me about a fatal accident he is at or how he is staging outside of a suspected bomb threat. First- please read my sarcasm, and second- hug your loved ones extra tight.

5. You know what else is real annoying?  This…

6. I finally got my diploma in the mail last week.  Let me count the ways my life has changed since getting my degree… hmm… well… how about… nope, I got nothin’.  I hate to be so cynical, but I really didn’t need to take four business communication classes to teach me how to compose an e-mail.

7. I guess I celebrated not gaining any weight between doc appts by eating terribly this weekend.  Why yes, that is my 5 year old holding a chocolate dipped cone in my Acadia in 100deg temps.  Temporary insanity?

8. I found Sophia’s Halloween costume yesterday; she is going to be the cutest little zebra you have ever seen.

9. Four of my friends had their babies last week; I am getting so excited.  I’ve washed all of Sophia’s clothes now and packed my bag.  I keep telling myself that I’m not “full term” for two more weeks so I need to be patient.  Plus, theres no going back ha-ha.  She will never be easier to take care of than she is right now.  Not to mention, everyone says going from one to two is the hardest transition.

10. It’s funny, yesterday I couldn’t think of a #10.  I made the comment to James last night that we had such a great weekend and I still couldn’t come up with 10 quick things to post about.  Well, after reading Carly’s post this morning now I know why.  Asking for prayers for this sweet baby is my number 10 today. (And since I am sitting here at my desk with tears in my eyes, I’m going to warn you to grab some tissues). 



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