Bird Nest Easter Cookies

Today’s post is sponsored by Nestle Toll House, but my love for their Rolled & Ready Cookie Dough Sheets is all my own!

Use pre-made icing and refrigerated cookie dough to make these easy and adorable bird nest cookies! #Easter

These Bird Nest Easter Cookies just make me happy every time I look at them.  I love the bright colors, and I love how EASY they were to make.  All you need is some yummy Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and pre-made icing to make these adorable little treats. …

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White Chocolate Puff Pastry Bites

White Chocolate Puff Pastry Bites- easy and cute Valentine's treat

Do you ever have those days where you pat yourself on the back and think, “Man, I’m really nailing this whole parenting gig”?  The last 24 hours were not one of those days.  Warning: if  you don’t have kids, or don’t want to hear about someone else’s kid’s puke and poop, feel free to skip ahead to the lovely White Chocolate Puff Pastry Bites recipe I have for you today.  And while you’re enjoying that, pray for me….

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Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookie Twists

Valentine's Sugar Cookie Heart Twists- perfect if you don't want to roll and cut out cookies

I have this delusion that I can draw.  I look at something and think, “I can totally draw that”.  But any time I actually attempt to draw something it looks like I used my feet with my left hand behind my back and my eyes closed.  There’s definitely some disconnect between what my brain thinks I am capable of and what my hand can actually produce.  I have the same issue with cookie decorating.  In my head, I can totally do it.  I wish I could decorate gorgeous sugar cookies like some of the amazingly talented cookie decorators out there (Sweet Sugar Belle, The Baked Equation, Bake at 350… just to name a few), but I’ve come to accept that it is just not one of my talents. …

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Play-Doh Valentine Free Printable

"Valentine, I think you are a'doh'able" Free Printable #valentine

We’re big fans of Play-Doh at our house.  It’s minimally messy and usually keeps the kiddos entertained long enough for me to make dinner or get some laundry done.  I’m also a fan of giving it in favor bags at birthday parties or on Valentine’s Day, instead of the usual candy and sugar.  Not that there’s anything wrong with treats, but sometimes it’s nice to have other options. …

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Holiday Cookies eBook: Free Download

FREE DOWNLOAD: Holiday Cookies- 10 delicious cookie recipes for the holidays and beyond

Today is the big day!  I switched my site over from my previous to Grace and Good Eats.  This change was a long time coming and I am so excited to begin 2015 with my new site.  When I started Sweet Bella Roos it was a semi-private blog, affectionately nicknamed after my daughter, and my Mom was my only reader.  I never imagined it would grow to what it is today or that I would still get so much joy from sharing a little piece of my life with all of you.  I struggled with a bit of an identity crisis, afraid to commit to being a “food blog”, but as my recipe development and food photography skills have (immensely) improved over the past five years, I’m finally ready to wear the title proudly. …

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Giftable Single Serving Hot Cocoa

Single Serving Hot Cocoa- perfect to gift in little containers filled with marshmallows, peppermint, etc

 I found these little plastic ornaments at Michael’s (orig. $1.99, sale $.99) a few days ago and thought they would be PERFECT to fill with something.  I love that they are square, and are able to sit up nicely, as opposed to the round ones you usually find.  The lids popped out no problem and they were super easy to assemble. …

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Spooky Halloween Bingo- Free Printable

Spooky Halloween Bingo- free printable! (10 different cards)

I am the queen of procrastination.  I should have shared these Spooky Halloween Bingo Cards last week, but seeing as I just made them 5 minutes ago, that would have required me to not do something at the last minute.  At least it’s not October 31 right?

These bingo cards would be a fun addition to your Halloween party.  I’ve created 10 different cards for you to print and you can use candy corn or individually wrapped candies as the markers.  We will be using these to keep the kiddos busy while we wait for Dad to get home so we can go trick-or-treating! …

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Easy American Mason Jar Planters Tutorial

This is a guest post from

Easy American Mason Jar Planters Tutorial

American Planter

 Back when I lived in the Pacific Northwest, I was never the type of guy to go overboard for the 4th of July. Sure I loved the fireworks and the BBQ and the unfettered nationalism, but the thought of covering my home in patriotic décor didn’t exactly light my sparkler – so to speak. But then my family moved to Texas and things changed. To say that the people love Independence Day here would be a gross understatement. As soon as the calendar turns to May my neighbors start to live, breathe and bleed pure ‘Murica. Red, white and blue pinwheels pop up in every yard. The neighborhood fills with the smell of hickory smoke and fireworks that would never be legal in my hometown start going off at sunset like clockwork. And to be honest, I kind of dig it….

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Teacher Appreciation Gift: Marker Bouquet

 Easy Teacher Appreciation Gift- our teacher is ALWAYS in need of dry erase markers! Cute presentation

This week is Teacher Appreciation week at BellaRoo’s school.  Each day has a different theme, and today is “Mad for School Supplies”.  We were asked to bring in an item for the classroom (glue sticks, dry erase markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, box of tissues, hand sanitizer, etc.)  I know our teacher is always in need of dry erase markers, so I decided they would be a perfect Teacher Appreciation gift for the day….

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