Snacking Just Got Better With Graze

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Snacking reinvented with a subscription! My review of what I loved about it! AD

Have you heard of Graze?  Graze was started by seven friends sick of chips and candy, who wanted a better way to snack.  From pure fruit, to wholesome treats and dips & dippers – Graze offers a huge variety (90 snacks with millions of graze box combinations) which means there’s always something different to try!  Graze’s extensive range of tasty and nutritious snacks can be delivered directly to your office or home (the box is designed to fit in standard mailboxes, no signing necessary!).

Since I’ve been on a mission since last March to live a healthier lifestyle, I’ve definitely noticed that one of my weaknesses is snacking.  Sometimes you just want that little handful of something to satisfy a craving or hold you over until your next meal.  Sometimes I want something light, but nutritious, before or after a workout or run.  Graze is a perfect solution for this.  You can sign up for weekly or bi-monthly deliveries, and each box will arrive with four perfectly-portioned snacks tailored to your preferences! 

I love that it’s not just about the unique combinations and flavors with Graze, they are also dedicated to finding the highest quality ingredients.  Every single recipe has a benefit- whether it be essential vitamins and minerals or a source of protein- in a perfect satisfyingly snackable portion.

In my first box I received:

  • Cracking Black Peppercorn (110 cals): black pepper rice crackers  
  • Apple Cosmo (100 cals): apple, cranberries and lime infused raisins  
  • Honeycomb Flapjack (240 cals): rustic rolled oat flapjack with honeycomb and chocolate drizzle
  • Sour Cream and Onion Cashews (220 cals): roasted cashew nuts with sour cream and onion seasoning  


The Honeycomb Flapjack was amazing.  So soft but chewy, it was the perfect ‘granola’ texture.  Perfectly sweet with the honey, and just enough chocolate to satisfy any chocolate craving!

I didn’t get much of a chance to sample the Apple Cosmo before my kiddo swiped it from me.  She loved the lime infused raisins!


If you know me at all, you know that I am pretty picky when it comes to food.  I was nervous to try something where each month is a surprise variety.  Luckily, I can log in to Graze and set up my preferences.  They have developed a rating system of: Trash, Try, Like, or Love.  I’m not a big fan of cashews or soft dried apple pieces, so I was able to read the descriptions of the available snacks and “trash” the ones containing ingredients I’m not a fan of.  I left a lot of the varieties set to “try”, that way I can go back in after my next box and rate the goodies I received from there.

Want to try for yourself?  Click this link to get your First Box Free, or use the code SUMMERBOX25.


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