Saving Up for Our Trip to Disney

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CB-sponsored-post-white-script-600You might remember a few months ago we made the decision to switch to Walmart Family Mobile in attempt to reduce our monthly cell phone bill.  Not only did we reduce it, but we cut it in half.  That’s $100+ a month in savings every month.  Straight up savings, no mail in rebate, no hassles, nothing.  Just a cheaper bill with the same unlimited plan– unlimited talk, text, and web!

I’ve been socking that money away each month into our Disney fund.  We are planning a trip to Florida this December with my parents to see my Grandmother and take the girls to Disney World.  We took Isabella to Disney Land for her 4th birthday and she loved it!  She got a special button that told everyone it was her birthday, but she couldn’t figure out how all of the characters knew!  The look on her face every time one of them said it was priceless!


While her happiness might have been priceless… nothing else was.  In fact, it was VERY pricey.  In December, a ticket into the theme park will cost $265+ for the four of us!  (Sophia is still free at least!)  And because we are going at Christmas time we want to attend the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party… another $180+!  So we’re looking at $445+, not even including food, souvenirs, or any of the extras!

#shopBy the time we leave for our trip in December I will have saved enough money from switching to Walmart Family Mobile to pay for all of our Disney tickets and gas to drive from Texas to Florida!  Did I mention we’re driving?  With an 18 month old.  And a six year old.  I’m looking into installing that limo glass that separates the driver from the passengers… kidding, sort of.  At least my parents will be along for the ride!  Isabella may be more excited about them coming with us than she is about going to Disney- HA!


We felt like horrible parents the last time (yes, apparently that’s possible even at the “happiest place on Earth”) because we realized just how many of the classic Disney movies Bella had not seen.  Peter Pan walked by and she had no clue who he was.  We rode the Dumbo ride- nope, nothin’.  At least she recognized Mickey and the other Toon Town characters.  She still had a blast, but I’m looking forward to taking her again now that she is older (…and has seen more of the movies).

I’m also looking forward to eating my way through Epcot.  So jealous of everyone who attended the Food Blog Forum there this past year.  That baby sells out quick!!  Maybe next year I can use some of my continued cell plan savings for a conference ticket.  Haha, can you tell that I have no intentions of making this new lower bill the expected amount in our budget… I like to think of the savings every single time I pay that bill.  It almost makes me happier than these two at Disney.  :)


Have you made the switch yet?  What are you spending your monthly savings on??


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