What I’m Loving Right Now- Baby Edition

1. I’m not a big proponent of the pacifier, I’m more of the mindset that it’s easier to get rid of it if you never start it.  That said, I did use one with BellaRoo, and now with Sophia, for the first few months.  This little guy, the Wubbanub, helps it stay in the baby’s mouth and keeps you from being a slave to the paci.  I bought one for Sophia but haven’t taken it out of the package yet.  ($14.95 from Amazon)

2. I love this!  With BellaRoo we lived in a smaller house and I never really needed a monitor.  I love having this video monitor and being able to check in on Sophia without risking waking her up by creeping into her room.  (Do you know how loud real hardword floors are- omg)  This monitor even has features so that I can play music or talk to her with the push of a button.  Worth every penny.  ($179.99 from Babies ‘R Us)

3. Ok, y’all… I am in love with this diaper bag.  I saw one at Buy Buy Baby (different pattern) and fell in love with the style.  You would think that the strap is too short, but it tucks under your arm perfectly.  I love this all grey pattern, which of course is not in stores yet.  Someone please tell my husband that I need this?  ($149 Petunia Pickle Bottom)

4. Don’t for a second think that I use cloth diapers… more power to those of you that do… but I just can’t do it.  (AND I actually WON a YEAR supply of Pampers diapers– can you say cha-ching!!) No, these cloth diapers are the perfect burp cloth!! Absorbent and fit nicely on your shoulder.  These are a must have and my go-to shower gift.  They did recently change the design, which I am never a fan of, but they are still very similar to the old style. ($16.99 Babies ‘R Us)

5. How adorable are those?  I pinned these a long time ago, and I can’t seem to find them anywhere to purchase.  They are made by BabyBLOCH but must be an old style.  Either way, they still have plenty of other super precious designs.  Some styles are available through Amazon, otherwise you will need to contact them for a retailer near you. ($40+)

6. Why is it that babies sleep the best when laying on you in the most awkward position possible?  We didn’t buy a Nap Nanny, because really with a crib and bassinet I just couldn’t justify the money for her to have one more place she won’t sleep in (ha) or that she will quickly outgrow.  I still love the idea of it, and of course love the cute little giraffe print.  ($129.99 various baby stores)

What about you… what are you loving right now?  Any must have baby items I need to know about?  Follow me on Pinterest to see more of what I’m loving.

p.s. I was not compensated in any way for this post, this is just a compilation of things I am currently loving.  Trust me, if I worked with these brands you would know about it ha-ha!


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