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I have created 4 sets of social media icons.  Each set includes Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Etsy, Pinterest, E-mail, and Instagram.  Each icon is a 50×50 PNG file.

To download simply click the color below:





Not sure how to install your spiffy new social media icons?  After you download the icons from above you will need to upload them to a photo share site (such as Photobucket).  Next, go to the html/text widget where you would like to put the icons and enter this code:


Change the YOURWEBSITEHERE to the location you want the icon to go– Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest account etc.  Change the IMAGEURL to the location of the image on your share site.

Each social icon will need it’s own code, so if you are using all 7 icons, you will need to enter/edit the above code 7 times.  (FYI- All 7 lines of code can go in the same text/html widget.)  Make sense?

Please comment below if you have any questions and I will try to help.  Also comment if you use the icons, I would love to see them in action!


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  1. says

    Hi, thank you so much for the codes! Unfortunately, I am not able to get it to upload to my blog. I tried uploading the images to Picasa and then to Flickr. Is that the issue, do you think?

    • says

      Hmm, if you are using Flickr:
      1) upload the image
      2) Select ‘Actions’, ‘Grab the HTML code’, select ‘HTML’ and ‘Thumbnail’
      3) From this code you will only need a piece of what they provide, only copy what is included in the quotes of the line< img src="THIS CODE HERE" >
      4) Paste that into my code above where it says < img src=""/ >

      I hope this helps. If not, send me an e-mail and I will try to help you grab the codes.

  2. says

    You rock! I was able to follow your directions and am the proud new momma to two little buttons that work! Thanks so much! Found you through Serenity Now.

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